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Home Prep Lists

Studies have shown that buyers choose the homes they want to see based on the quality and quantity of pictures they see online. To help us get the best possible images of your home, we've create a list to help you prepare your home for a photo shoot:

Aerials & Exterior

  • Mow lawn, trim shrubs, freshen up pots, planters & flower beds with new flowers & mulch
  • Clean gutters

  • Place water hoses, garden tools, toys, pool equipment/supplies, empty pots & trash cans in shed or in garage

  • Sweep/clean porches, patios, decks, sidewalks and driveway

  • Remove visible water hoses

  • Freshen up patio tables, chairs & cushions

  • Set the patio table with fresh tablecloth & a simple plant or flower arrangement

  • Open umbrellas

  • Clean and uncover BBQ

  • Uncover/clean pool & spa

  • Remove pool vacuum/cleaner hose

  • Turn on pool water slides, fountains, water features & lights

  • Remove cars from driveway and front of home

  • Close all exterior doors

  • Turn on all interior and exterior lights

  • Open all window coverings and make sure they are even


Remove clutter and depersonalize your home.  We recommend packing items you will not need for the next 3 months.  These boxes can be stored neatly in the garage or a storage unit. Leaving a home that buyer can image themselves living in and camera ready. 

General  - Make it sparkle

  • Clean both sides of windows

  • Replace burnt out, missing and mismatch bulbs

  • Clean and turn off ceiling fans

  • Clean floors

  • Clear paper

  • Straighten up and/or remove items from bookcases

Kitchen - Set the stage

  • Clear counters. You can leave out decorative items such as flower arrangements, bowls or canisters.

  • Just for day of, only one countertop appliance, please.

  • Refrigerator remove all drawings, magnets, pictures, etc.

  • Either clear or fully set dinning room tables and breakfast nooks

Bathrooms - Turn bathroom into a spa

  • Remove all toiletries and other personal items from bathroom counters

  • Close shower curtains

  • Close toilet lids

  • Place out fresh towels and washcloths

Bedrooms - Make it cozy

  • Neatly make all beds

  • Clear dressers of all personal items.  

  • Please remove jewelry/watch boxes and other valuables

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